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Two years flew by!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Since establishing the business in May 2017, it has been a fantastic whirlwind, with fresh professional challenges and rewards. It’s been super to sustain networks and make new connections. I’ve worked in Auckland, Wellington, the North Island and, briefly, beautiful Niue. Completing a total of 18 projects to date with a range of organisation, I’ve enjoyed building up a portfolio of great clients in the cultural sector. I would like to say ‘thanks’ to all my clients and to my associates. Working with others remains the most rewarding aspect and being home alone too much is the least fulfilling (my Mum predicted this – wise words).

It’s interesting to reflect on the nature of the work and the difference it can make for some organisations. Here is a little summary of the types of work I have done:

o Business and financial planning

o Content and visitor experience reviews

o Feasibility studies and project reviews

o Funding plans and applications

o Mentoring individuals and teams

o Policy research, editing and writing

o Project planning and management

o Stakeholder management

o Strategy research, design and writing

It has also been rewarding to be engaged in governance work including:

o Advising chairs and boards

o Board member recruitment

o Creating board documents and policies

o Developing new strategies with boards and management

o Evaluating board performance

o Facilitating board workshops

o Reviewing and advising on skills and capability of a board.

I truly want to say ‘thanks’ to all who have supported me, providing great advice and encouragement.

A word on advice … it comes from all quarters and you never know when it might be useful, so stash it away. I remember at the very outset, someone in a café describing to me how they had started their business by identifying an unmet need relating to pets and going for it - in this case, in a fearless, entrepreneurial fashion. Although on a much smaller scale, Sabine and I channelled ‘Fearless Pets’ (as I like to call that encounter) when shaping ‘Tearing up the Audience Rule Book'.

A more recent chat with someone from my swim squad resulted in a nugget of advice - keep the business simple and be clear about the value that you are adding. Nice to be reminded of a Business 101.

So, looking ahead, all snippets of advice, interesting collaborations and projects that make a real difference remain most welcome.



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